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International Students

F 1 Visa Student.

You are Responsible for Your Success


Being an American National English Language Institute student means committing to your education and taking an active role in your success. Excelling at American National English Language Institute is achievable, if you follow a couple SMART guidelines:

  • Participate in the Classroom
  • Commit to giving adequate time to your class and coursework
  • Must be present and on time to participate¬†
  • Attendance in all modalities is required and mandatory to meet course objectives
  • Communicate with your instructors and classmates
  • Work hard
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Becoming an American National English Language Institute Student Is Your First Step

  • Complete Application
  • Passport, Transcripts, and Financials (within previous 6 months)
  • Pay Application Fee $125
  • Earn Acceptance and I-20 Issued
  • Complete the form DS-160 and make the $160 fee to the U.S. embassy in their home country. Once the applicant has booked an F1 visa interview, the visa interview confirmation receipt should be emailed to our Admission offices to mail the hard copy of the I-20 along with the Letter of Acceptance via UPS (Shipping charges to be determined).
  • Finally, the applicant must make the $350 SEVIS fee payment ( and complete the form I-901.
  • Sign Financial Plan and Payment Acknowledgement Form
  • Take Michigan English Placement Test
  • Complete Orientation¬†
  • Pay First Term Payment
  • Begin Classes

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