Welcome to American National English Language Institute

Message from Our Chairman, Mr. Frank Longaker

We are pleased to introduce you to American National English Language Institute (ANELI), a distinctive institution for English language instruction. ANELI is a standalone English as a Second Language institution which is accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA). More than this, ANELI is affiliated with an academic institution, American National University, which has a full range of degree programs in IT, business, medical, and cybersecurity – one of just a few such institutions in the world. Students accepted into the ESL program at ANELI may also receive a provisional acceptance to American National University which is applicable upon completion of their ESL program.

            The English as a Second Language Programs offered by ANELI is specifically focused on training students who wish to pursue academic degrees in the United States. A hallmark of the program is complete immersion in learning to speak, read, and write English while being completely engaged in the culture of the United States. A broad range of students from throughout the world creates diversity and shared learning experiences which contributes to the international and global experiences of the student body. Students learn from live American instructors and from a high-tech and high touch system of electronic supportive methods.

            Students are individually tested and placed at a level which begins building upon their existing English knowledge. No time is wasted relearning current knowledge. Furthermore, highly capable students are able to progress on an accelerated basis so that they may enter their academic program quickly, if they so desire.

            We invite you to join our family at American National English Language Institute. Our history, accreditation, academic affiliations, and knowledgeable staff and faculty will ensure that you receive the highest quality training from an American English language institution.


Frank Longaker
Board of Directors